Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You, too, can be a Mormon it or not.

In a bizarre article on CNN this morning, Jewish holocaust survivors are apparently pissed off at Mormons over the practice of posthumously baptizing holocaust victims into the Mormon cult.

Baptism by proxy allows faithful Mormons to have their ancestors baptized into the 178-year-old church, which they believe reunites families in the afterlife.

Using genealogy records, the church also baptizes people who have died from all over the world and from different religions. Mormons stand in as proxies for the person being baptized and immerse themselves in a baptismal pool.

I know the magic underpants wearers are less reality based that typical xtians, but this just seems too strange even for them. So basically what they're saying is that, despite the fact that the LDS has a very strict code of behavior and beliefs, you can still end up in heaven regardless as long as one of your descendents is Mormon and puts you in some sort of baptismal raffle.

Congratulations! Despite your murdering and thieving ways, you get to spend eternity in heaven with your family (who, by the way, you've never met).

It is a truly strange world we live in.

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